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The Network Marketing Company with the Highest Growth and Expansion in 2021!

There are more than 40 years of scientific studies that guarantee the quality of IMMUNOTEC products ... A large number of satisfaction testimonials provide the confidence to consume and recommend this 100% healthy lifestyle!

La historia de Immunotec

La historia de Immunotec

Quality products, excellent opportunities and business.

Immunotec has always proven to be one of a kind. While some companies start with a good group of people and a business idea in search of a product, Immunotec begins as a product that looks for a good business to put it in the hands of millions of people who would benefit from it. More than forty years of research marks its core product, Immunocal, and its unique innovations have resulted in numerous patents both in North America and around the world.

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  • Recognized by researchers and medical professionals worldwide, Immunotec continues to set the standards for products that deliver consistent results.

  • Immunotec works with a team of experts in their respective areas in order to develop its line of high-quality products.

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Immunotec's business model channels goods to the consumer through a network of independent Consultants. Reducing the costs that are normally paid to a traditional "broker", such as a store, translates into increased revenue potential for Consultants.

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what does this mean to you? In addition to earning more income by introducing world-class products, as well as an incredible business opportunity to people you know, such as your own boss, you will have the ease of directing your business in the direction you want and on your own terms.


Immunotec products are distributed in the following countries:

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  • North America: Canada, United States.

  • Latin America: Mexico, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Colombia, Peru.

  • Europe: UK, Ireland, Spain.

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